Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Good news

I like a good whinge about Melbourne. I don't like hearing people who don't live here complain about it though. Compared to twenty five years ago, it is almost a totally different city. It now has such a vibrancy. It is alive with people.

We have urban consolidation, that is more people living in inner areas. I do have issues about VCAT and what they are doing to outer inner and middle suburbs by over ruling council decisions, along with overcrowding certain areas. But essentially, more people in areas where the infrastructure can cope, must be a good thing.

I like a good whinge about Melbourne's trams too, but really they work pretty well, most of the time. So it is nice to hear some praise (if we are Mexicans, are they Canadians, or just Alaskans?), Queenslanders.

So here is today's good news story, courtesy of today's The Age. Perhaps they want to bolt to Melbourne from their very water short city. They should have said yes to drinking waste water. Softening us up so they can get a visa to come here.

Melbourne, the friendly city

MY FAMILY and I have just returned to Queensland after a week's holiday in your fabulous city.

Having been born and bred inSydney and lived in Brisbane for several years we can say, unreservedly, that Melbourne takes the prize for restaurants and cafes, shopping and transport (the trams in particular were wonderful). The layout of the city and the fact that there seemed to be an endless stream of trams running on time were an absolute revelation. Other cities, particularly Sydney, could learn a thing or two here.

The thing though that struck us the most about Melbourne was the overwhelming friendliness and willingness of total strangers to help and assist in all manner of things. People everywhere were only too happy to chat and offer advice on the best things to see and do.We were so impressed with all that Melbourne has to offer that we are already planning our next holiday there.

Thank you, Melbourne, we can't wait to see you again!
Steve and Gail Cassidy, Toowoomba, Qld.


  1. I certainly agree about Sydney learning a thing or two from Melbourne about transportation.

    I have found most people around here very friendly, people always seem willing to help travellers!

  2. Melbourne is so friendly. England is so not.

    (I now wait for the hate mail)

  3. in my travels, i've found melbounre to be the best city in the world