Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dame M at 81

Dame M had a signifcant birthday last year. We aren't going to spoil her by having another big celebration this year, but we had a nice friendly get together last night. When someone smokes and drinks and gambles as much as Dame M does, it is probably beyond probabiltiy that she will reach ninety.

Her rather nice great nephew was there, the muso and bouncer person. I am in trouble with R, as one of the first things I said to him was, "Have you lost weight?" R is convinced I am trying to seduce the great nephew, but he is straight as, and just a nice guy. He had put on weight last time I saw him, but he was looking quite trim last night. But you can never go wrong by commenting that someone has lost weight or asking the question 'have you been working out'. (NB: Use this carefully)

It would seem we are going to have a surprise party for the Dame on Saturday night. Our task is home made sausage rolls and the cake.

Beyond my wildest beliefs, I cannot imagine living to the age of 81, let alone having 16 people turn up to your birthday celebrations. (I saw something in someone's blog today about an 82 year old female blogger in country Victoria).

I think I impressed her great nephew with my sarcastic yet subtle humour. He does actually seem to like me and always hones in on me at a social occasion. Perhaps it shows that I like him.

Might have got it bit wrong when he asked where Dame M was and I replied that she was out at gaming machines spending his inheritance.

The surprise party will have a drag queen, maybe an exotic type or two, gays, dykes and str8s, rich and poor and in between and old and youngish.

I can think of a couple of bloggers who I think would fit in well and I would like to invite, but I am too shy.

Ladies bring a plate.


  1. Can I have any left over exotics? Or cake? Maybe a rich exotic with cake?

  2. Perhaps I should directly invite you Jahteh. I should because I think you would enjoy yourself, I would enjoy meeting you and I think you would go down well with the crowd. That is not go down on the crowd please note.

    But then I think, well you have a drag queen or maybe three to compete with, so you would have to ultra glam (not really, real people are fine). Selfish as always, I think of myself and how do explain you to R? Of course if I was given some extra private encouragement????

    I will just add that it was you I had in mind when I wrote that.