Monday, October 09, 2006

Dame M 81, take two

Bloody cheek. She should only get special treatment for significant birthdays, like the rest of us.

But, yes, two celebrations in a week and as my birthday is nearby, it was sorta a celebration of mine too. Bah humbug, I'll just skip mine.

There was one person at the party who I had seen before, but did not really know. She has been Dame M's life long friend. They both used to regularly attend the (I will get this word wrong) Theosophical Society. Said person has literally lived in South Melbourne for all her life and the times she has been to St Kilda can be counted on one hand and they were only to visit Dame M.

Dame M's upstairs tenant brought along a guest, who none of us knew. She arrived drunk, and although she has a paid off house in South Yarra (she quickly let us know that), she was still a drunk and became more offensive as the night wore on. "What are you doing tomorrow?", she asked me. "Among other things, we will probably go down to the street and watch some of the Melbourne Marathon runners go past". "Ah, you two have really exciting lives." When she suggested to R that he was really missing out on something because he did not do chicks, he glared into her eyes and said, "I don't think so". Her peace de la resistance was when she asked Dame M why she did not want a man anymore? Dame M replied that she no longer cooked and cleaned for anyone. Dame M glared at her all night. I doubt we will see this person again. It was a bad call by her tenant.

Somehow I was given DJ duties for Jasmine's (the long time drag boarder) numbers. I did an ok job, but only because I turned the lights up bright and put on my specs to learn by heart where the buttons and dials were on the sound system were well before hand.

A couple of residents from our building were there, friends of the Brighton Antique dealer, but they were not much fun as one is prick and the other is in Ramadan mode, so was thoroughly boring. I did clue the Muslim lad up that the barking dog that disturbs their sleep may belong to the famous bearded media person's wife, who lives on the same floor.

Better add a Dame M tale. One of her other tenants moved someone else in to his flat and asked Dame M if it was ok. "God, I don't know what made me say it", she told us, "but I asked if he was black". Spookily, he is part koorie.

Here are some pics to click on or not.

This is the birthday cake that we paid $37 for. I am p'd off and R is feeling a little guilty. I don't even like mud cake. I will make my own in the future.

The orchids Dame M's great nephew brought her. His inheritance is looking good.

And Jazzie looking resplendant. I didn't see, but glimpses were had of a merkin. Funny, you can only see three other people, but there were about fifteen watching plus another half dozen at the adjacent bar, and yours truly behind the arch twiddling the dials.


  1. Same thing happened at my cousin's party a few weeks ago. You only need one person to poison an atmosphere and you obviously needed me there to sweeten it. You can keep the cake, I don't like mud cake either. I have a yum recipe for a trifle cake with mascarpone and a rich chocolate top.

  2. I am sure you would sweeten it Jahteh but we did not let her spoil our fun.