Thursday, October 05, 2006

7.30 Report

What is up with ABC's 7.30 Report? Twice this week Maxine McKew has appeared in her presenting role in nice black numbers and drop earrings. The grey roots that I noticed last week have vanished too.

Lest you think I am sexist, I am, but I also make the same observations about males in similar roles.


  1. That didn't fuss me. Though I do think (and here I'm being as equally non sexist as our "I'll rip your bloody arms off if you call me Andy") that Red Kerry does look much spunkier in your basic black and your Margaret Pomerantz dangly earrings than does our Max.

    What did fuss me was the "slow news week" appearance of the programme.

    Old biddies ripping out their fangs with pliers followed by the Dixie Chicks and nary a sign of Kimbo Beazley doing his set piece boring the BVDs off the innocent bystander viewer. WTF!

    FYI "don't all me Andy", as the recent recipient of a Seniors' Card let me tell you yong fella me lad that there's nothing wrong with grey roots.

    Have them early and often I say! (Well, if you don't have them early you tend to nod off in the Jason Recliner and before you know it your lap is painfully filled with a hot cup of Horlicks and you end up being of no use whatsoever to anyone.)

  2. Certainly is a slow news week. Tonight all tv news started with Mary Delahunty's resignation. Who cares? Well R does becasue she will get a lot of money. He had a good rant about that. I gently suggested that the media had it in for her and I was soundly abused. I don't like her anyway, but that is not the point.

    The eternal question for me is why was Margaret earringless in Cannes, when she is never seen without them in Oz.

    I expect I have some experience at 'grey' and 'roots'.

    Old person, I know nothing about Horlicks or Jason Recliners........but I do remember my mother saying something about them!