Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The very dead

Yesterday was not a great day for some people who are no longer with us. It started for me with news of an horrific car accident in the north west of Victoria with seven people killed.

Then an sms arrived from a friend who's friend had just stuck a plastic bag over his head and suicided. A guy in his thirties, no obvious reason.

After watching a commercial news service, then the ABC news and the 7.30 Report, I felt thoroughly sad and teary.

But was the car accident predictable? No, but what was predictable is that there would be a bad accident at this intersection. I am all for blaming the driver in such accidents, but this intersection really was a killer waiting to happen. The Age has a very good diagram and I publish it here, but is sanitised. The real intersection via video footage shown on the news is bad, bad, bad.

Why this intersection is like this is obviously due to a lack of polictical power in the local community. I have never seen one as bad as this one during my trips towards Kyabram or Echuca. One would hope that there are not too many more around like that.

Life is frail kiddies, take care.

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  1. Yesterday was a very sad news day indeed.

    I love the way the Government is *now* promising to fix the intersection which "urgently" needs work. Nice of them to realise this after seven people are killed.