Friday, September 08, 2006

Unwelcome critter

I suppose it is my fault as I sometime sleep with my window open.

Although I am a Budhist sympathizer, my kindness to animals does not run to having black spiders as guests in my home. I don't believe in killing animals for sport or taunting them (is it fun?).

But when this critter ran up the arm of the couch from under the cushions as I was straightening them, he was quickly dispatched with a large dose of Mortein.

Go on, click the pic. I just know you want to see it larger.


  1. EWWWWWWWW!! ew ew ew. Is that a huntsman?

  2. You just wanted to take revenge on for what another creature from the wild did to our iconic Steve.

    Spiders are people too, Andy!

  3. Sorry Andy, I meant Shirley.

  4. No, much smaller Jess, I don't mind huntsmen.

    Milord, not heard of any Steve dying lately.

  5. Is that spider of the biting variety? I am super paranoid to run into one of those someday!

  6. Looks like a whitetail, the one that bites and turns the flesh necrotic until they have to cut half the limb off.
    You are such a gay, you sprayed it instead of flattening it with the can and then the coup de grace, a stamping by foot from a great height.

    These things hold their breath, you know.

  7. Ohhh, it may crawl out of the vacuum cleaner then?

  8. Take no notice Jess. It was not a white tail. I am unsure if it bites or not, but I think all black and RED spiders bite.

  9. Yes, listen to Andrew, if anyone knows about tails, he does.


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