Monday, September 18, 2006


Plasma or holiday, make your mind up.

Drawn out moan/groan.

Presently investigating a 101cm high definition LCD Samsung with built in digital tuner, whatever that all means. Retravision in Chapel Street is beating Harvey Norman's specials hands down.

Havery Norman is offering $200 off with trade-in too. But if you buy today, we will give you that price and even allow you to keep your old set. I was wondering when I saw the trade in offer, as to what they would do with an old tv that no one would want. Is a four year old tv considered old? Probably.

Presently investingating a day trip to Bendigo, so you see which way this is going to end.


  1. Don't be selfish, give R the plasma set and send me the old one.

  2. We decide it would be financially irresponsible......well, that was the other night. Now it is back on the agenda.