Saturday, September 16, 2006

Second anniversary post

I did have an idea of long, complicated and anxty post to celebrate the second anniversary of Highriser. It was to be about the whys and wherefores of blogging. I have learnt that it is not as simple as just writing. Real people read blogs and I will shut up now before I end up writing what I am not going to.

Instead I have chosen three posts from some blogs and why don't you take a squiz? They have really stuck in my head. There are two that made me laugh and one that made me cry. While many of you write posts well worth mentioning, these ones have just stuck in my head for whatever reason.

Although I have been blogging for two years, I have been reading Daniel's blog for much longer and the tale of he and his mate, his children and assorted others destroying a 'failed to proceed' VCR amsued me no end. Go back to 2001 for text, stills and vids. Better add that he is now at this address.

I did not really cry when I read AFE's post about his childhood, but it was quite moving. I was surprised how far back in his blog I had to go to find it. It is here in early 2005. It only took an hour to find, phhh, it is nothing.

Bastard must have seen me looking at it and has deleted the post. I think he hates me. Luckily Copperwitch can write an nice bit of teary stuff to jerk at your heart strings.

While I don't know too much about Urban Creature, I just loved this Billy cartoon. We were all taking the Commonwealth Games so seriously. YOU WILL enjoy yourself and you will participate. There are other Billy cartoons that are well worth checking out.

I know I am a couple of weeks early with my anniversary post, but I wanted to get in before Jessie did. Sadly she is in a difficult situation and is locking her blog down to only those who know her. But I reckon this is good, as her blog may become more juicy, or maybe not.

Thanks to all of you who read my blog and especially the commenters and thanks for writing in yours.

PS I wrote this ages ago, polished it, added links, edited it it umpteen times and I am f*ing over it. It has all gone so wrong.

PPS Never have I had to edit and republish five times before the post is even vaguely correct. I need a drink. Good night.


  1. I've met AFE and Urban at a grogblog, very sweet, one too young, one too gay but the Governor-General was juuust right.

  2. It's been purged. With good reason.

  3. So we've been reduced to a breakfast cereal then?!

    You'll do porridge for that Copperilocks.

  4. Yeah it kind of bums me out that I decided to password protect my blog. Maybe when I graduate and get a real job I will unluck it, I am just paranoid about being "googled" by futur bosses. Another option is starting anew, but I'd hate to lose nearly 2 years of posting!

    Blogging is such a strange beast sometimes. It has a way of sucking you in.

    And I'll write a juciy post soon, just for you :-)

  5. Too gay Jah Teh? I suppose it is possible.

    Jessie, I now know your father helped you with your blog, so I am not expecting too much.

  6. I'm glad you enjoyed the VCR destruction. It was a helluva load of fun.