Monday, September 18, 2006

Scratching my head

Things puzzle me at times, and then I forget about them. Here are today's.

What is that funny little fin thingy on the back of BMWs above the rear window?

Today I observed a just boarded passenger bashing on the tram driver's door to ask the question, does this tram go to Lygon Street. Given it clearly said Moreland via Lygon Street on the outside and the inside of the tram, why?

I am a member of a site called It connects gay and lesbian Asians and those who like them from around the world. If you see someone's profile and pictures who you like, you can send them a heart and maybe they will send you one back or a message. Why did I receive a heart from a dyke in Penang and how should I respond?

Why do so many car drivers decide at the last minute that they want to go left, when they are on the far right of a multi lane road?

Why are some Australians somewhat sceptical of chef Jamie Oliver?

Why did three very attactive blonde lasses tail gate me when driving up the ramps in the car park this evening? (I already know they are going to be kicked out as soon as their lease is up)

Given Australia has not declared war on any country, how would our army perform if it was not just involved in 'peace keeping'?

How come famous bearded media person chose a wife so much taller than himself?

Why did, I assume VCAT, approve the 'cheese grater' building in Smith Street, Collingwood?

The list could go on, but I shan't.


  1. You must introduce me to these three blonde lasses, quick smart!

  2. Which cheese grater building in Collingwood are we referring to?

    Unless you mean the skanks who sell their pussy with yeast infecti... oh never mind.

  3. They would be your type AFE.

    Gross Andy and I don't know much about the building yet.