Friday, September 15, 2006

Scan here pls

Melbourne's public transport will soon a get a whole new ticket system, just as people seem to have finally adjusted to the present one and mostly pay their fare. Tourists and visitors excepted.

We assured that this system will be simpler and is already in use around the world. Sounds good to me. You scan your plastic ticket as you board and scan it as you disembark. Your fare is automatically calculated to you best benefit.

I can see one problem though. Crush load, or even just heavily loaded trams. If it is heavily loaded as you board, you probably won't bother scanning it in the crush. But what if you get on a tram with a normal load and it fills up? A dubious crush load figure of 140 on a tram all want to get off at once. I assume it will be just a matter of waving your ticket past the scanner, but even so, you will want to check that you aren't being charged more than is your due, at least by making sure you hear the audible signal. It sounds pretty slow to me. Of course if you are already up to the price of a daily, then you won't bother too much, but still.

It would seem Melbourne needs and has had a challenging new ticket system about every ten years. It will be interesting to see how it all comes together.


  1. The scan idea seems good in theory, more convenient in some respects. I heard there are a couple tram routes that were going to enable riders to purchase tickets with credit cards. That certainly seems like more of a pain in the ass.

  2. As a zealous and committed non car owner/driver, (was driving about a farm in utes, on a tractor from age very little, but soon as I came to the big smoke I unilaterally turned in my driver's licence, never to be revisited again) I obviously use P.T. lots.

    Know what shits me about that lately? Trams. Don't take money in note form. Who was the genius what came up with that user unfriendly system?

    Well let's hope the new system puts an end to that nonsensical twattery at least.

  3. Congrats on you non car status HE. I am pleased to hear it. We all know which genius was in charge when the ticket system was introduced. And he is the one who caused so much depression in people, and is now trying to help them.

    There will be a machine on the tram to buy a ticket and it will take notes. I am guessing that it will be an expensive way to travel though.

    Jessie, I don't think there will be credit card machines on the trams. There are already a couple around at stops though.

  4. About the credit cards: really? I remember sitting in a tram downtown and they had a little pre-recorded voice thing saying that they were going to have a few. Maybe the kyboshed the idea.