Thursday, September 21, 2006

Scabs and Strikebreakers

While our ABC was not quite itself today due to industrial action by staff, who was it who worked and showed no sympathy or empathy toward their workmates.

No surprise that Ian Cover and Jeff Richardson, The Coodabeens, worked. Cover is an ex Victorian Tory politician.

Sue Howard, boss of ABC Radio worked on air. No surprise there either really.

Alan Kohler, tv business presenter worked as did the Sydney rugby boofhead Peter Wilkins.

In the past we would get soothing music on the radio and basically just repeats on tv

I barely listened or watched today, so to the others who I did not hear, shame on you and shame on those who participated in talk back.

But thank god things are back to normal tomorrow, and we perhaps won't even hear the names Steve Irwin and Peter Brock.

I will just slip this in and sorry if you have heard it.

Irwin yelled down from heaven, "I said, send me a croc, not a Brock".


  1. To be fair to some of them, I'd guess they are contractors, so (a) its a bit of extra work and $ for them, (b) whatever the employees get from the industrial action is not really going to affect the contractors. The Coodabeens for example, who I like better than the usual breakfast program we get here.

  2. Coodabeens are entertaining certainly. Many are on contracts and many of them did not attend work in support. Indirectly they will benefit if it raises the pay levels a little. Of great concern is the brain drain of talented behind the scenes people for more lucrative commercial media. The pay gaps are growing. Contractor or not, I am sure none want to lose talented people.