Thursday, September 28, 2006


I have seen a tv show recently avout savant people. Also heard a bit on the transistor radio.

This is all new to me. I probably should have watched the movie Rain Man.

R knows a savant, a young adult. Tell him your birthday date and within a couple of seconds, he can tell you on what day it will fall in any given year you mention. It is truly amazing.

In spite of everything I have heard and seen, I can't decide whether it is a pattern thing (it can't be really), a photographic means, that is your brain has photographed certain things and then recalls them, or the most likely, extremely swift mental calculation but for that, you would think that there needs to be a formula to follow and clearly for some things savants are good at, there is not a formula.

People can be trained to do extraordinary mental calculations and they are in Japan.

Like a natural musical ability, it is truly amazing to me.

Off to write this weeks shopping list, or you can be sure, I will forget something..........probably about half of it. A savant I am not.


  1. My grandfather used to be the host of a current afairs show in Canada and he did one once on a Savant. The kid could hardly walk on his own and never spoke. Every night his mom would play him her old records. Then one night, everyone in the house was fast asleep and all the sudden there was this loud music playing from downstairs. She thought the record player had somehoe started on its own, went down, and there was her son at the piano. Incredible, really, very touching to watch the whole story unfold.

  2. My sister has just looked after a patient that had been diagnosed years ago as schizophrenic but she recognized as a savant. You could ask him any question about racehorses and racing. He would go back years of bloodlines so she put him with another oldie who had been a bookmaker and he couldn't believe the knowledge this chap had.