Saturday, September 02, 2006

Overheard conversation #87

Or you could call it this weekend's contribution to literature and the spoken word:

'And she was f*** hot. She had an f*** convertible and asked me back to her f*** place. Couldn't f*** believe it. She lived in an f*** apartment in Queens Rd. It was f*** huge. I opened a cupboard door and there was an f*** light inside the cupboard.'

'S*** man, and when she was driving there and I was sitting in the f*** passenger seat, I started feeling so f*** horny. I just felt warm and relaxed and my f*** balls were f*** tingling. I thought f*** hell, this chick is really f*** turning me on. And you know f*** what? After a while she f*** well asked me if the seat was too f*** hot and if it was, she would turn the f*** seat heating down. Do you f*** well believe that man? The f*** seat was heated and I thought I was f*** well turned on by her. F*** man, f*** unbelievable.'


  1. Yeah but, yeah b't, no wot I meen but wot we need to no is, after all that mention of f**ks an f**king, did this young wordsmith ackshly crack it fer a f**k.

    (Betcha he din't. Too bizzy f**kin' about lookin' fer another adjective.)

    Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus and know what, if'n this lad is rooly, rooly good Santa'll bring him some brand spanking new adjectives in bran f**k'n new f**k'n shiny f**k'n wrapping f**k'n paper.

    (Know what Andrew, travel on the Broady line and you'll hear hear the almost identical f**k'n conversation.)

  2. I'm a lady. I shall travel in the ladies carriage. Oh, you were referring to the ladies carriage.

    And don't call me Virginia.

  3. Perchance you thought I was pickin' on you, Andy (betcha you'd kill anyone who called you that - well apart from our dear Copperwitch - and we forgive her anything - coz we luv her) this was the reference.

  4. No perchance. I not quite as dumb as I write. I know who Virginia is. But don't you know about what I thought was a well known sketch, that every response ended in, 'And don't call me Shirley'. (Lick finger, and paint mark on wall).

    And don't call me Andy t'either.

  5. Should my partner have ever, EVER spoken like this - I would have gotten rid of him long ago.

  6. Congratulations on your speedy transcription (or total recall) and thanks for the laugh Highriser.

  7. Must have been away, or was not paying attention, the day they did that sketch, the irony being that had I been born a sheila, my mother tells me I was going to be called Shirley. So I really own that tagline! (Instead, malicious beast that she is, gave me a really blokey name like Terry - not! And not so much as a Terence to fall back on.)

    Anyway one up to you, but there will be many a rematch young fella me lad.

  8. I am sure Rosanna, that you would never even meet anyone like that.

  9. In this day, that conversation is practically Shakespeare.

    The little twit was lucky I only turned the seat to warm, one more f**k and he was fried.

    Forgive the Lordship, he's old.