Sunday, September 10, 2006

Nice Day

It was nice to see sis in law at Frankston Sunday Market. One regional radio station mentioned that she sells the best home made pies. From the blue caravan. They are ok, and they are actually home made.

Niece has aged a year in two months.

Sis in law has booked a cruise with her mates. I warned her about a Diane Brimble situation. Of course she scoffed at me.

I found a new road. Westall Road Extension. It is like a freeway. 100kph in the burbs. Great.

Went on above mentioned road to see a friend in Sth Oakleigh. Cake and coffee were nice. Interesting to see his Fijian Indian partner and an Indian friend interact. Two touchy feely sisters together? Indian guy's partner is bashing off to the Ukraine for a holiday, from where he came. He is a cute young long bleached hair knock your eyes out of your sockets sort of guy.

Home and watched a bit a bit of taped tv. Mopped the balcony and cleaned the the outdoor table, even though we rarely sit there now.

Read and dozed, and there was probably a bit of pc usage there too. Then had a wonderful meal of corned beef, mashed spuds and cabbage with mustard sauce. If you do nothing in your life, get together with someone who can cook.

Watched some tv and had to bone up on Elizabeth I via Wikepedia. Elizabeth I, very interesting.

Just a normal Highriser Sunday. The bits and barbs I shall ignore.


  1. George Bush wouldn't have lasted two seconds with Liz the first. Did you bone up on the nice tortures too?

  2. Of course. It is a personal interest of mine.