Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Marvellous trams

It is a wee walk to the tram stop from our front door. Invariably as we step from the building's front door door to catch a tram, three trams sail past. We walk to the tram stop and wait and wait.

I was in need of a haircut and I have eventually decided GI Joes in Brunswick Street is where I like it done.

It was all so perfect. As I arrived at the tram stop, a tram arrived. As I arrived at Collins Street, the West Preston tram arrived. As I left the salon, a city bound tram arrived.

I had an errand to do in Elizabeth Street and since I was close to Queen Street, I thought I would catch a bus home. Three buses routes pass by our abode from Queen Street and they have reasonably good service intervals.

So why did I have to wait twenty minutes for a bus in the late afternoon? By the time a bus arrived, I could have been home if I walked to Swanston Street and caught a tram.

A certain stubborness stopped me from looking at the timetable at the stop and it stops me now from checking on bus times at that time of the day.

Much as I may complain about tram service, it does not usually go so wrong as that. Don't quote me on the figures but surely if there are two bus routes with a twenty minute service interval and one with a fifteen, I should not have had to wait twenty minutes. (waiting time exageration adjusted) At that time of the day, the intervals are less than that anyway.

This is the third time this has happened to me in the same location. One day I will actually check the timetables and try to work out why it happens.


  1. The bus outside my house runs on a 20 minute interval. Last week I was playing soccer ut on the nature strip with my housemate and three went past inside three minutes. Presumably that means the front bus was an hour behind the one that preceded it.

  2. Yeah same here with the 20 minute interval. 15 minute in the morning if you count the school specials. I remember taking one particular chadstone bus which ran at 45 minute intervals. Run by ventura. A sign of things to come I suppose.

    This morning was pretty funny. I put my hand to hail the bus the driver slammed on his brakes and slid across to the other side street landing at least 100 metres away from the stop.

    The drivers always speed past my house so I suppose it was a lesson learned for the driver.

  3. Buses are a dodgy business, I assure you. I gave up on them years ago. Trams are the way to go, although they normally require a longer walking distance. This therefore tackles both weight and patience issues.


  4. Buses are the lowest form of public transport in my humble opinion, but the drivers are pretty good in my neck of the woods. It's funny because most of the bus stops I see don't even have timetables up (look along Kooyong or Orrong Rds and you'll see what I mean).

    GI Joes in Richmond (Bridge Rd) is where I used to go (yes, #78 almost all the way), but now I'm cheap and nasty and cut it myself (well, shave it. I'm good, but not THAT good).

  5. KempyAnd I'm sure the finished product is worth every cent...

  6. Yes Russ, that is what I suspect, late running, although the bus was not particularly busy when I boarded.

    Sadly for you Bobby, the lesson that may have been learnt is to not stop for passengers that you only see at the last minute.

    Rosanna, I like the buses because they are quieter people wise than trams.

    Rob, they will get there with the timetables. They are up to Domain Road if you have a look. Richmond GI Joe's is ok, but often busy. B'wick St is less so, unually no waiting.

    Andy, at least Rob's hair is not blue.

  7. I dyed my pubes too.

  8. My pubes are dead too. Guess it has to do with age ... or a really aggressive cheap shampoo.