Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lights on

Well over twelve months ago when our body corporate budget looked a little dire, economies were examined. One of them was to cut the electric bill. Separate the what we know as bud/star/supplementary/sparkle lights from the public areas and the private landings. I was a committee member back then and agreed to the separation of the lights and the switching off of the landing lights, and the promise was that once it was done, the matter would be revisited.

It did not happen, that is the revistitation. The lights have been off ever since.

The above mentioned lights in the public access floors come on from 6.30 to 9.30 and 5.30 to 9.00.

I reckon it is a total waste for them to come on in the morning, but it does looks nice when I pass by the building.

They are nice bright glam lights and perhaps R more than myself was a bit put out that our floor's lights never came on. He did not need much urging to bring it up at a committee meeting.

He did and the result was, 'do the sums'. It ought have been done in the first place.

An almost clued up techie committee member gave us some sort of formula, and I had to work it out from there. He did leave a couple of significant points out. I suppose it was unintentional. Hope he did not think we were stupid.

This is the calculation and the result. Our bud lights are on now from six to nine in the evening. I am happy with that. I don't like bright lights in the morning.

20 watts per lamp

+ 15% transformer loss

= 23 watts

X 10 lamps per floor

= 230 watts

X 19 extra floors

= 4370 watts

X 6 hours use per day

= 26,220 watts

X 365 days

= 9,570,300 watts per year

/ 1000

= 9570.3 kWh

X peak tariff (7am-11pm) .04887 per kWh

= $467.70

/ 128 apartments

= $3.65 per apartment p.a.

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