Friday, September 29, 2006

Lie #69

This bloke is supposed to be the most beautiful man in the world, according to some competition. I expect peoples who like blondes won't agree. For mine, this Brazilian bloke is very handsome but no one is perfect, so I will just say I would reject him coz he looks a bit too hairy...........but then if he sang a Brazlian love song softly into my ear? I think putty is the word.


  1. "so I will just say I would reject him coz he looks a bit too hairy"

    So you're with the Copperwitch on hairy issues.

    "Don't forget the green eyes. Not hairy either."

    "The dishes Copperwitch and High Riser reject makes Copperwitch and High Riser's dishes the best."

  2. Hah. You're obviously not a fan of the Übersexual.

  3. Absolutely, ABSOLUTELY gorgeous.

  4. Ah, HE. So she likes them smooth too? No doubt she is out partying again this Saturday night and falling over drunk.

    Correct AFE, the last thing I am interested in is a 'normal' bloke. I have one of those already. I like the exotic, the diverse, the alternative. Off to check out

    He is nice Rosanna. I could easily fix him up with some wax and a razor.

  5. You rumourmonger, I'm home nursing the bruises from last Saturday night.

    He doesn't look too hairy or are you hiding the good photos, the not safe for work ones. If you are, then add selfish rotter to rumourmonger.

  6. I wouldn't kick him outta bed for eating crackers.