Friday, September 01, 2006

It is happening

The hops are on the elm trees, a fly is dying of natural causes on my bathroom floor. I have changed the calendars and started extra cleaning. A little less hot water is needed when showering. There is increased bird activity. 3/4 pants are appearing on the street and jackets are disappearing. The heating is getting a bit of a break at times. A stiff northerly breeze is blowing today, bringing warm air from inland Australia.

It is spring. I just spoke to my mother on the phone and she does not like this sort of weather anymore than I do. It must be in the genes. I feel overly warm and it is only 25 degrees. Suppose I will get used to it. Fortunately the dirty, pollen carrying north wind does not blow for very long.

By my reckoning, weather like this should bring some very needed rain.


  1. Doesn't it always rain for the football finals? The final is always better in the slush.

  2. Yeah footy and rain and mud go together. Our footyballers have been spoilt by such a dry time for so long.