Monday, September 11, 2006

I scream for icecream all day long

Well, Trampoline has not closed. It is still there in Swanston Street. Last week I walked straight past it, even though I was looking for it. Today I tried it for the first time and their pistachio icecream is very nice. But four dollars bloody ten for a single cone. I am sure I could buy a couple of Peter's bricks for that price. (the health food of the nation, it was)

The store was pretty busy. Where do all these young people get their money? (I can hear R's voice ringing in my ears, stop living in the past you stupid old queen. My retort is usually, at least I am not a bitter old queen like some people).


  1. Is that the one right on the corner of Swanston and Latrobe St. I saw that one closed recently to my surprise. If it's open again....... excellent.

  2. Lonsdale Street. Just a couple of doors from the corner.

  3. I nearly went in there myself on the weekend, in the end I couldn't be bothered lining up and continued on my way.

    As for the question as to where young people get money, go and spend some time outside Target in Bourke Street, that will give you an idea where a very small minority get their money from...

  4. Yes, seen them in action Ben. Another post coming initiated by a comment, thanks.