Thursday, September 21, 2006


Honesty is the best policy, isn't it? Perhaps not always.

We were eating some pasta in a local pasta chain restaurant. Very nice.

The diner next to us finished his meal and went to the cash register area to pay. I watched. I didn't think I could lip read, but evidently I can a bit. Six dollars fifty, I observed the till person say to the man. The diner did only have water with his meal, but as well as having pasta, he had a huge bowl of sorbet.

Here is test of these foreign types I thought. The customer was of Chinese extraction. Sure enough, he chipped in something and it was obvious that he was now going to pay for his sorbet too. Good, but not sure that I would have done the same given what a large business it is.

I certainly would not have mentioned it if I knew what was going to happen.

The till person, who I assume is the boss, went around the restaurant asking each staff member if they took the order for sorbet at this table. One of them confessed and it was obvious that she got roused on (look it up Bard). I had never seen this lass before and it was pretty obvious she was very new. The boss did it publicly, bad.

So before you are scrupulously honest, think it through first.


  1. i think it's fair to say the customer is a nice person and the boss is a cunt

  2. Yeah Kiki. True. I always feel for cafe staff and the like. Mostly they are so nice yet earn so little.