Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fourth Anniversary

It is four years since my nearest and dearest and myself moved into this highrise apartment. I have written about this before so you can bolt elsewhere if you like.

Still friends etc ask us do we like living here? They never asked that question when we lived elsewhere. From the mansion in Glen Iris to the slum in Balaclava, they never asked.

The idea is challenging for some people, especially those who live in a free standing house with a garden and pets, exactly as we used to.

R had high rise apartment living on is mind for quite a while before we moved here. We had looked at some places and they were less than glorious. Small, cramped, ugly, cheap, car dependant, boring. I would recite these to him.

But then we saw this place. I walked in and it blew me away. Firstly the views and then I noticed it was quite spacious, had high ceilings, plenty of storage, there were two bathrooms, two car spaces, pool sauna spa gym etc. Have I bragged enough?

The loneliness of highrise living is plenty written about, but that is a personal thing. You can get involved in your building and/or the local community if you want to. We have.

Other negatives are that if it is your own house and something breaks down, you get it fixed, hopefully straight away. It is vaguely within your control at least. Here it can take for ever. I can also guess that if you have bad neighbours, they could make your life miserable. We haven't so far fortunately.

The good parts, there is little that ever needs doing, unlike a house, where it never ends. It is nice to see tradesmen and cleaners busy in the building doing what you don't have to. Of course it costs. I have an old car and we can't have an expensive holiday, which we should be able to do at our age. So, there is some sacrifice, but I feel it is worth it.

After four years, I am quite happy to stay until they cart me out on a stretcher or in a box bu then it is not entirely dependant on my opinion.


  1. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Take alook at Resinet - Residential Community Network. It's an online Intranet
    for the residents of High Rise Apartment Buildings within Australia and includes most of the Apartment Complexes within Melbourne.
    The idea is to allow residents to connect with other residents and increase the sense of community.

  2. High rise? What is life like up there? I have to admit, I don't think I would like it - but I like the way you are positive about it and if it rocks your boat, mate - I'm happy for you.

  3. Never thought I would like it either. But oddly, I do.

  4. Thanks Anon. Spam comes in many forms.