Thursday, September 07, 2006

Extra wife

To some guys the idea of having a second wife might be nice. Don't forget you have to pay for them as well. Wives are possessions aren't they? You have to pay for them?

In spite of my efforts to keep my head down at work, my newspaper reading was interrupted by an Indonesian mate and an Indian. The Indonesian is muslim and the Indian had muslim neighbours back in India.

We discussed the concept and the reality of a second or multiple wife/wives in less than perfect English. But that is how it usually is at my workplace. Endless repetition until the non first language English speaker understands, or you understand them, or they or you pretend that you have.

I concluded that it can work quite well. That is unless you are the second wife who had reached around fifty and the children have married and moved from the home. The last wife, maybe the fifth, is young and still beautiful. The second fifty year old wife who's children had moved away from home is not at the top of the list. The first wife is the senior and gets her dues regardless.

Multiple wives must always mean jealously. How can it not?

I pushed the point a bit and dragged the conversation to what if your son slept with a woman before they were married? What if your daughter slept with man before they were married. Of course the responses were as you would expect. It is ok for a bloke to sleep around but not ok for a woman.

Not knowing too much about women and sex, I was a bit on the backfoot now. I asked my Indonesian mate if he thought his wife enjoyed sex? He would not answer. He said how much he missed his wife when she went away, her cooking and 'that extra special thing that wives and husbands do', and was very pleased when she returned.

Of course when he goes away on his own, he meets up with his rich and young 'lady friend'.


  1. You are getting very curious about the mating habits of the hetero population.

    His Excellency and I would be happy to answer any of your questions, having been in the business for quite some time and I have extra qualifications in all aspects of hetero divorce.

  2. I have been a hetro once or twice, a long time ago. Interesting experience.

  3. You should write about your hetero experience. The readers want the juice! And by 'readers' I really just mean me. Ahem.

  4. Ahem, and by "juice" Jessie, you meant ...

    (Oh dear I'm being tasteless and crass again. Blame that Coppertopped harridan. She invariably brings out the best in me!)

  5. Maybe I will Jess. Just privately for you. I doubt anyone else is interested.

  6. Yeah right and salacious gossip is not my middle name!