Saturday, September 09, 2006

Doing the biz with chicks

I was sixteen, she was fifteen. We were both drunk, me from Stones Green Ginger Wine. It was in the changing rooms of a football club in down town Moe.

I was eighteen, she was sixteen. We saw a movie in the city, Lipstick, I drove her home to Ferntree Gully, but instead we kept going up into the Dandenongs with a nice romantic view of the city lights. Wow she had big............

I was eighteen, the massage parlour lass in Gardenvale was less than proffesional for a paying customer. In a role reversal situation with a guy, I did a much better job for only $50. I didn't ask for the money.

I was 19, she was 38. Did it a few times, usually at her place. I worked with her in an Oakleigh pub.

I was 20, she was 32. Met her through the above person. Lived next to the Elwood canal. She was proabably guilty of child neglect. Her daughter ate boiled eggs for every meal.

When you are young male, you could DO anything. Along the way, I found out what it was like to be physically turned on, and it wasn't chicks that did it.

There are many details that I am remembering about the above situations, but I am not going to write about them. But as previously posted, I have always been gay, since the age of less than ten I suppose. Playing with chicks was kidding myself.


  1. I mean, tastefully. Forgot the 'y'. Ak.

  2. Thanks Jessie. It was possibly too much information. But also soul cleansing for me.