Friday, September 01, 2006

Dear Assistant Commisioner Noel Ashby

Assistant Commisioner Noel Ashby informs us that the police will not tolerate cyclists breaking the road laws. Their pack riding along the beach road will be watched.

With all due respect Assistant Commisioner Noel Ashby, should your force not have been doing this all along? Is that not what you are supposed to do? It was a well known problem and many were saying someone would get badly injured. Did it have to take a cyclist riding through a red pedestrian light and killing an old man for you to suddenly decide that road laws need enforcing? Ah, you arranged a code of conduct with the cyclist. That worked well, hey.

Too little, too late, Assistant Commisioner Noel Ashby.

I will just add that I don't care if cyclists go through red lights, so long as they do it in a careful and considerate manner. I don't care if people jaywalk, so long as are considerate of motorists and other road users. I don't care if motorcycles lane split, so long as they don't frighten the horses.

What I do care about, Assistant Commisioner Noel Ashby, is that is was a known dangerous situation and your force failed to act. Are you going to resign in shame?


  1. Grrrr...

    What a waste-of-time, knee-jerk reaction Noel. Why don't you look after something worthwhile instead of jumping on the S'cum bandwagon.

    (I should say that I ride to stay alive and generally do all I can to get away from cars. That includes riding on footpaths wherever it is practical and safe. I run red lights, to get away from the pack of cars that will inevitable charge off when the light goes green.)

  2. M!key, when I first heard about it, guess who immediately came to my mind, especially when the culprit's suburb was mentioned. But of course I knew my M!key would not be so stupid. Very quiet on the blogging front? Pleased to hear you are still around.