Friday, September 08, 2006

Bad day

Someone very close to me did not have a good day.

The check out chick was an airhead and charged for loose macadamias and not peanuts. Picked that one up.

Later at home when transporting the shopping bags from the car, a bag split and coffee essense and glass ended on the the car park floor, as well as on jeans and a shoe. Two trips to clean it up.

While N Tran bakery made my salad roll to order, his was just made with no enquiry as to the finer details, hence that revolting smelly sause went on. Thrown out.

The checkout chap at the keeping one's sanity store, aka Dan Murphys, helped the cute young blonde by inserting his card in the eftpos machine and did not check his signature. He checked the someone close to me's signature and insisted he insert his card himself.

Medical appointment at an agreed time at a private practice was over a two hour wait.

Receptionist did not provide proper documentation, hence problem later at Medicare office.

He is not a happy Vegemite.

1 comment:

  1. I'm always the person at the end of a line waiting for anything. Oh, and the person in front of me has the

    a) expired voucher
    b) EFTPOS card with zero balance that they have to check six times
    c) item that doens't scan properly and has to be looked up by the new guy
    d) in the wrong line altogether
    e) has screaming kids out of control
    f) attempting the complicated bank exchange
    g) is asking something no super hero could possibly undertake

    So yes, it does suck and I can say you're not the only one getting shortened by all this insanity!