Thursday, August 24, 2006

The tee vee

I watch a bit of tv. Here is what has caught me lately that I feel worthy of mention.

Never miss crap tv: The Bill and All Saints, Desperate Housewives (ok, it has finished for a while)

The character building: Foreign Correspondent, 7.30 report, Stateline, Landline, Media Watch

Sometimes I catch character building: Four Corners if the subject interests me

Non character building current affairs sometimes seen: Today Tonight

Forced to watch coz I don't always have the remote: Grey's Anatomy, Deal or No Deal.

News: Channel 7 and ABC. But don't care if I miss them. I hear radio news all day.

Just interesting: The Collectors. Andy is pretty interesting

What makes me laugh: Spicks and Specs, aren't Adam and Miff gorgeous? Glasshouse, aren't Wil and Corrine gorgeous, Dave is kinda cute. Chasers War on Everything. They will go too far one day. I often get a laugh from Doctor Who as well.

But a special honourable mention must go to The Cook and the Chef. Maggie Beer, presumably the cook and Simon Bryant, the chef, are an unlikely couple to present a cooking show but they work so well together. She is perhaps in her late fifties or early sixties, he maybe forty and perhaps gay. Don't try and write down the recipie from their show, use the website. Just sit back and enjoy watching them create their luscious gastronomic delights.

I have not enjoyed a cooking show so much since Jennifer and Clarissa were around.
This week's dishes were. All low fat, I am sure.


  1. R makes you watch Deal or No Deal? Wear dark glasses, your eyeballs won't sear as much.
    At 5p.m. on 9 I never miss the Antiques Roadshow.
    And never miss Maggie and Simon. It doesn't matter if I never make the recipes, they're enjoyable to watch.

  2. If I ever met R, I must tell him how good The Cook and the Chef is on a huge plasma screen.

  3. Meant to be posted here, not sent as an email.

    The worst part about Deal no Deal, I can't understand how it works. I usual read while it is on.

    Quiet about the plasma. You'll have me in the poor house.

  4. "And never miss Maggie and Simon."

    Snap and ditto.

    Same synergy as Margaret Pommie Rants and David Strattosphere, but with top notch food instead of popcorn in the aisles.

  5. Anonymous11:02 pm

    Simon Bryant gay? I haven't seen someone wear so much S&M gear since I accidentally went to F1st in London! As for his accent - weird.

  6. Agree both points Pewit. So he could be a gay then? His accent is clearly UK, but weird.

  7. Anonymous7:49 pm

    his accent sounds australian...

  8. Hard now, just working on memory. Yes, I think Australian accent.

  9. Anonymous4:42 pm

    he is not Australian, but I can't remember where he is from - somewhere in the UK I believe.

  10. Not sure what made me say I thought he had an Aussie accent. It was clearly English.

  11. Anonymous9:35 pm

    He was born in Exeter, in the U.K in 1965

  12. Anonymous5:06 pm

    I can't STAND Simon Bryant!!!..He is so annoying....."Oh,we need some wocket wii thaa Maageee....hehehe"...the accent is put on pom trying to be cute...I'd say, as a fellow poof,he is majorly into the s and m scene and can you imagine working for him...what a biiatch.!!...When he went to the early morning markets and was saying hello to the stall owners,you could just see the look of contempt on their faces.....same for when he went "butch" in The NT...Barramundi farmer almost threw him in the dam....hilarious!!
    Richard (WA)

  13. You made me smile Richard.