Thursday, August 17, 2006

Teacher of the Planets

Dear Miss Maude was passionate about science. She was also a ferociously masculine science teacher. A confirmed spinster I suppose, who, if she was young now, would be a bull dyke, albeit without the fat arse. Of, course nothing wrong with being a bull dyke, some of best friends..................Don't you just hate it when people qualify something by 'some of my best friends are ...'.

We knew which teachers we could play up on, and she was not one of them.

Sadly her teachings have become reduntant with some new discoveries.

'My Very Earnest Man Just Showed Us Nine Planets', needs an extension at the end. But I am sure I will never remember it. Things don't stick in your head as well when you past your teens.

I just know the above will be too cryptic for some. Try google.


  1. Anonymous9:09 am

    Hm, interesting. I always learned it as "My very educated mother just served us nine pizzas"

    Changing those cute little says we have would be too much of a hastle. Therefor, no more planets!

  2. My young neighbor learned it as "My very EXCELLENT mother just SENT us nine pizzas"

    In the olden days, when I was at school, I learned "My very easy method just set up nine planets"

    But my favourite version (for its memorable visual imagery) is "My very elegant mother just sat on nine porcupines"

    I agree with Jessie - No More Planets!

  3. Since then I have heard quite a few others. Pizza sounds very up to date Jess, but Kirsten, I really like the porcupine one, although there does seem to be a problem with the 'on'. Ok, worked it out. Sat Upon Nine Porcupines.

  4. I see that Language Log blog has tackled the planets problem over the weekend:
    (if that link is too long try this one:

    Their suggestion: "My Very Excellent Mother Could Just Send Us Nine Cheerleaders Playing Xylophones"

  5. Memorable enough Kirsten. Guess we wait until they sort it all out.