Monday, August 28, 2006

Tax time

Tommorrow we visit our brother friends and the tax man comes. That is the bloke who does our tax each year. We are very happy with our tax man. He is pleasant and competent and does not overcharge.

The last two years, he has had to check a couple of details with us and has done so via email. He posts forms for us to sign and we post them back. He posts back the documents we have given him.

I am wondering why we have to actually see him? Can't we just do the whole thing by post and email? It is now a couple of months after the end of the financial year. It has taken so long because everyone has to be available. It could have been all wrapped up by the middle of July if we used email and post.


  1. Still gotta do your taxes?

    Did them weeks ago, got the return last monday. H&R Block is your friend.

  2. As I said, it was a co-ordinating problem. Done now for another twelve months, well maybe eleven.