Friday, August 18, 2006

St Kilda Road Update

I like where I live. I like it a lot. I like watching the changes. This was a fairly ordinary block of flats with a very handy florist within. Most useful for birthdays, deaths and marriages. As I watched it come down, I saw a whole flat with purple interior walls.
It was demolished, once asbestos was removed, in about an hour.
This advertises what will be built here. I fail to see the connection between the building Lucient and this barely dressed bloke running. Perphaps Lucient was a Greek god. I don't mind the picture at all though. The average price of an apartment here will be $2.2 million. Unsure if that helps our property value or not. Who cares, we can't eat it.
It is next to this and may block our view of ANAL building which is not so pretty anyway. But it will be sad if it blocks our view of the night time illumination.


  1. I like buildings and their ever-changing history too.

    I used to work at 464: The VACC Building. Great times, except it took me like 2yrs to pay off all the parking fines ;)

  2. The VACC building is starting to look quite dated and probably needs a makeover, but not sure if the economics work well when it is only low rise. Pity they don't maintain the fountain properly. It used to look so nice.