Monday, August 21, 2006

Sis visit

Sis and her girlfriend, a passionate Essendon football team supporter, stayed last night. My sis had bought her girlfriend tickets to the James Hird testimonial dinner at Crown. I did not see them this morning, they both went off to the respective jobs, sister to her teaching job in Geelong, and the girlfriend to Shepparton Hospital.

They called in before the dinner to collect the key for when they got home and we had a bit of a chat before they went for a walk and then returned to shower and dress.

Today I washed the bedding on the spare bed and R ironed it and remade the bed. He commented that there was not much appreciation from them. Did not bring a bottle of wine as thanks or anything.

I take a different view and it is a friction point between R and myself. She is my sister. She is a very busy person. She has never been great at social niceties. She is selfish probably.......runs in the family, and could be seen as uncaring, but she would be horrified to be accused of that.

She is my sister, not perfect, but my sister. While I could take offence from many things past and present, I don't. She is a frail human, as am I, as is R. None of us are perfect.

I have had to bring up the point in the past to R, 'are you asking me to choose between my sister and you?'.

Of course he never would as I would be so disappointed in him to ask me such a question, I would immediately answer, I choose my sister.

R and I, sis and her g/f are never going to be great pals or even friends, but she is my sister. To keep in touch in no effort. She rings when she wants something, usually to sleep here. I don't ring her unless I need to speak to her about something. That is just how it is. But she is my sister. I owe my mother as much as at least her kiddies all get on ok, in a fashion. We all stay vaguely connected.


  1. I suppose you could say the reward you got for the effort of making a bed, was that you got to see your sister.

    ALL relationships are unique, tricky, and have to be 'nurtured' like a seedling.

    When R says to you "they coulda bought us a bottle of wine", say "oh man I know, but I love her anyhow"; and don't let her hurt your relationship with R.

  2. Ta Brownie. I just say, 'ah well, you know what she is like.'