Friday, August 11, 2006

New Mobile?

The time approaches when I will be out of contract with my mobile phone company. In the past I eagerly awaited this anniversary and I was very well prepared for it by checking out new phones as my contract expiry date approached.

This time, I can see no good reason to buy a new phone. One that I could buy, has a much better camera than my present one, but I don't really use my present one's camera feature. It is not even close to what a proper camera can do. Rather spend the money on a better camera.

Otherwise, there is nothing the new ones offer that I need, want or interests me. And what ever happened to smaller is better? Phones are getting bigger.

All my phones have been Ericsson, the last, Sony Ericsson.

My first was a 218. I sold it to a friend for $100. He lost it in a taxi. A year later, you could barely sell a second hand mobile. I still feel guilty. Shouldn't. I am still poor and he is now rich. Wow, I had forgetten this, but it had a sticky out aerial. I had it a free upgrade because it would not call 000 as an emergency number. The enticement was a short stubby aerial. Was that worth the train trip from Balaclava to the Flinders Street and then the train to Laburnam, or some nonsense suburb.

Then came a phone that I cannot remember and nothing that I can find on the net triggers any memory.

Next was a T28. It had a fold down mouth piece that most people broke off quite quickly. Strangely, they still worked ok with the broken off and discarded mouth piece. I gave it to another friend when his failed and I had bought the next one. The mouth piece was intact when I gave it to him, but naturally, he soon snapped it off.

My last one was a T65. It was pretty good, although in black and white, if you know what I mean. At least it had the tetris game on it. Once I bought my present one, I carried my old one for a while just to play tetris. Although I have tried, I have never managed to know how to download tetris to my current phone.

My present one is a K500i and it is a product of ongoing improvement and simplification and standardardization. It works really well for me to call R, and him not answer but will be in the carpark to move his car because he has to go to work first, and if he does answer, we can talk for three minutes without charge. But I like my phone for sms. I am a written word person.

Update: I have had a flashback. The phone I could not remember was traded in at Crazy Johns in St Kilda Road, St Kilda, and I had a fleeting mental image of it.


  1. I go through the same process every 24 months with my phone and like you, I'm wondering why bother? I've got a Motorola (the new one that everyone seems to have :-(, bah!), but I'm feeling pretty happy with it. However, the built in failings mean that these phones usually just scrape into the 24 months (not that I play rough!)

  2. Aw, I am a bit disappointed Rob. I thought you would play rough