Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Net amazement

The net still just amazes me at times. After having a few very negative rants etc, it is time to post something positive. In times past, I would have hyper-linked posts of people and websites. But it easier for you to find them that it is for me to link them.

Mugly is an 'elite member' of Walking Melbourne. He is a significant contributor and a wonderful photographer. I am only an 'honorary member', which is a honour bestowed upon me, but I am not quite sure why. Ok, I have contributed in a minor way.

But how the worlds collide.

A couple of weeks ago there was a protest at Southgate because they put up signs banning photography. I feel a bit strongly about this, so I checked newpapers online for after the event info. The Age had some pictures. One of them was one that this Mugly also published on his website. It was about the same time that I discovered Mugly has a blog where he posts his pictures. He is not alone in taking wonderful pictures of our fine city, but he is good. Just today when looking for some old pics on my pc, I came across some wonderful photos I had saved that William Fedor took of our city. He is, I think, publicity officer for the tram museum near Kilmore, along with being employed in the same industry as myself.

Mugly posted his pics to his website and I did make a comment on his blog that The Age had used one of his pics. It was with his approval. There was also a pic of him among the Southgate protesters.

Then tonight, I saw him, hunched down in a tram safety zone taking a picture looking down St Kilda Road, somewhere near the Arts Centre.

Of course, someone might make such a comment about me on their blog if they see me out and about as I saw Mugly, that is if I showed a clear face pic on my blog. But at the moment, I will protect you from your nightmares.

Well, it was fairly positive. I will do better soon.

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