Friday, August 25, 2006

More tee vee

I accidentally ommitted a couple of matters from the last post. There is a new show called Extras that has replaced the brilliant Absolute Power.

It is made by the same guy who made The Office, and like The Office, I just don't get it. It is not funny and just shows people doing their job. Yes, that is what an office is like and that is what making a film is like. Tell me something new!

The other matter is quick. What would life be like without the English crime shows? Much poorer.


  1. If you thought the English version of The Office was bad, you obviously didn't catch the American version. It's been showing on Ten the past few weeks.

    Tonight, Wire in the Blood with the thinking woman's crumpet, Robson Green.

  2. ... and what's with "the thinking woman" qualifier? The term "crumpet" and "thinking woman" go together about as seamlessly as "hornbag" and John Winston Howard.

    Get with the programme young fella me redhead!

    Promise to butter me both sides sunnyside up Witchy Woman and I'll be your airheaded antipodean crumpet f'rever. (But in the meantime I'm off to have a TGIF fantasy moment or twelvety- gazillion about uberfrau Bronnie Bishop. Please excuse any extraneous noises - merely much to be expected heavy breathing.)

  3. Wouldn't bother with it Jah Teh.Robson Green is a fine actor, but he is not a young gay boi's, such as thine self, fantasy. Far preferable to Bronnie though. I think HE may have latent submissive tendencies.

  4. You're missing out! I've got The Office on DVD and it gets a spin. Now and then I have to watch the whole lot and it's great. But then again, I can't see those hidden 3D image things on pictures for shit, so I guess we're even.

  5. Sorry Rob, I just do not get it (The Office). You must have been reading a very old post. I kept a small soft cover book of the 3d images and tried a couple of weeks ago, but couldn't do it. I would just need to spend more time. Once you have the knack, it is easy.

  6. You have to sort of cross your eyes and unfocus for those 3D images. A bit like looking at his excellency and seeing some handsome knee-trembler.

    He does worry me with his obsession with Bronnie. Have you seen the teeth on that woman? It's like looking at Jaws in drag.

  7. I expect Bronnie can take them out and take HE to heaven.

  8. Ooeer, Muriel you're terrible.


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