Sunday, August 06, 2006


It was a particularly busy day for we highrisers on Saturday. As well as shopping in the city, reclaiming money from the supermarket, eating a greasy souvlaki and seeing a movie, we managed to fit in a viewing at Chapel off Chapel.

It was an exhibition of the collection of The Museum of Particularly Bad Art, and they were mostly bad art. Scarily for me, I actually liked a few of them and would not mind having them. So now you know my artistic standards. Limbs out of propotion to bodies, mini sized sheep in comparison to the human, a wonky eye, multimedia gone very wrong.

I did not think much of the winner of the, not the Archibald art prize, but the Itchyball prize.

It was nice to see and entry by an old workmate, Kieron Ogden, now of the Chapel Street Bazaar. Well done Oggie, it was quite bad.

Gold coin donation, funds to a charity.

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