Friday, August 25, 2006

Mondegreen, News from France and Vanuatu

'Overture, curtain, lights'. Not how I have recall the intro to The Bugs Bunny Show. I thought it was 'Overture, turn up the lights'. We was wrong I guess.

Evidently France has a black newsreader now. It is a big story there it would seem. So, here is a pic of the quite handsome Harry Roselmack.

Has Australia ever had a black mainstream newsreader? I can't remember. Maybe Trish Goddard once read the news. One thing you can be sure of, when we do, it won't be an Aboriginal. More likely someone of African heritage. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Some of best friends........

PM Howard is making a bigger army. Good for him. Gotta protect ourselves from that Kiwi invasion. He is concerned about stability of our near neighbours and feels we may have to 'assist' them. He mentioned a couple of places, New Guinea being one of them. No suprise there. The other he specifically mentioned was Vanuatu. Where did that come from, I thought? Have I missed something on the radio, tv, newspapers, Asia Pacific, Fiji Live?

I thought I better bone up (quiet Skander)a bit before writing this post, and yes, there is a strong French connection as well as a British one. Well, let the French look after it I say. They know how to deal with the colonies 'efficiently'.

What is this little gem I found. In 2002, Australian Publishing and Broadcasting Ltd launched their online casino on Vanuatu. Ah, PBL, the late Kerry's company. Suppose I am too cynical really. It is not like there would be any real assets there to protect.


  1. Anton Enis (?) SBS newsreader.

  2. I've heard of Anton's gayiety, unless it's just scuttlebutt ('scuse me Benny Hill/Frankie Howerd double entendre from the 10 metre bawd with inward triple pike and double out louganis) but not of his blackiety. Origins? (Not that it matters, just curious.)

  3. Enus Jah Teh. Anton is openly gay and has a partner of long standing. He is from South Africa and I would guess some Indian heritage. Cape coloured is the term perhaps? Nice Louganis reference HE. Keep them coming.

  4. I thought Anton was from Tasmania.

    Louganis, gay or not, droolworthy.