Thursday, August 21, 2008

Matters Cultural 27/08/06

After seeing a movie in town on Saturday night, we walked down Swanston Street from Latrobe to Collins Street. Serious lack of trams in both directions. The street was chockers with Asians and Indians. We did spy an Anglo Aussie couple and like passing Rolls Royce drivers, we faintly acknowleged each other. We were rare.

Bring back the days of firing a cannon down Bourke Street, I say. Except there wouldn't be anywhere to eat and there wouldn't be the movie theatre.

But it just occured to me, while the City was full of Asians and Indians, Lygon Street, Chapel St and Fitzroy St were probably full of Anglos, Meditteranian and Lebo types. Box Hill and Victoria Street was probably full of Asians and older Anglos walking on the wild side.

Things used to be much simpler.

I did see a nice, no amusing, no, normal thing today. Some Asian people arrived at the Studley Park Boat House. They spoke like Aussies and they starting kicking an oval football around.

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