Thursday, August 10, 2006

Look after your kiddies

What on earth is happening? Parents putting their children in day care is something I have a problem with, but now they are putting them in nightcare so that the parents can have a good night's sleep.

Ok, you may not be able to afford a large two story house in Upper Doveton North Lakes or Malvern Dales, but you really have to think about your kiddies and how they will turn out.

A parent, preferably a mother, should see or escort their kiddies off to school, make sure they have their lunch and a hanky, or perhaps tissues these days, a banana in case they get hungry along the way, ah well, something similar in these days of expensive bananas, be home when the children get home and cook them an evening meal. Bed by 8.30. Sleep is good for children. They get cranky if they don't get enough sleep and they need proper sleep to develop properly.

Your eight year old out on his/her own going to school on a tram or bus, crossing roads? Well don't complain to me when the worst happens. I have seen too much of that. Bit sad for the kiddie though.

While it is one thing to have grandma look after the kids a couple of days a week, why are people having children, only to palm them off onto professional child care. Was having kids just something you thought you had to do?

While I will staunchly defend women in the workforce, I don't believe that having children and both parents working fulltime is good. The two are not compatible.

Mortgages have always been a problem for young people with kiddies. They were much less of a problem when only the husband worked. The standard is now that both couples have to work to be able to buy a decent property. Duh, chicken and egg. Fulltime working mothers have pushed the price of property skyhigh.

No, I won't have it. Mothers (or sometimes fathers) should be home, BRINGING up their children. Single parents who have to work perhaps excepted, up to a point.

Love them, cuddle them, kiss them, but most of all, be with them.


  1. I can tell you when this started. When the banks started to take into account two incomes for a home loan, before that house prices were more or less pegged for one income.

    The parenting works if both put in the same time and effort, with the kids and the housework. I have a lot of memories but I doubt the ex could think of any.

  2. Hey, you are right. I knew that, but forgot. Any money a wife may earn was a bonus. Probably a bit unPC now.

    No doubt one of the reasons why he is an ex. Have a good rant about him on your blog. You'll feel good afterwards.

  3. Well, I have left my job to look after my kids. I go to Centrelink as I am a sole parent and I am told I must work to qualify for anything. I am not a sole parent by choice, and have worked fulltime since I was 16 (25 years), now that I want to stay at home and look after my kids, I can't. 25 years of big taxes means nothing.

    I am trying to pay a mortgage and have very high needs children, but they don't care, just get to work and make sure you are not part of the unemployment stats.

  4. Oh god, another interesting blog to add to my list. My target was middle class 4wd drive wankers who put their kiddies in childcare all day and night. While I am not tempted to vote for Howard ever, I think some of his Centre Link changes are dispicable.