Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Internet speed

Federal Communications Minister Coonan informs us this morning that she has not heard complaints from Australian's about slow broadband speed. Well Minister, I never complained about my dial up speed ever so many years ago. I am actually quite happy with my present speed from cable internet.

This is because Minister, (This bit is important Helen, are you listening?) I don't know what I am missing. Home users in Singapore are about to get a speed of 100mb per second, as Japan and South Korea have already. What do we have in Australia? 1.5 mb per second.

Perhaps like the building of all important infrastructure in past, the government builds the infrastructure, and then charges for it's use, in this case the telcos who wish to use it and then resell it to we plebs.

The Minister is becoming defensive when the obvious is held in front of her eyes. Perhaps some of the money wasted by Optus duplicating the existing cable service could have been a contribution (qualified by saying that actually started under a labor government, I think).

The list of wrongs by this government is very long, but surely none is incompetent or has been so destructive to the future of Australia as Communications and Media policy We are now debating about what should have started five years ago.

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