Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Ideal Sleeping (written a long time ago)

You are with your partner. You go to bed together. You either have done already or don't care to indulge in the messy stuff that two people do when they like each other in a special kind of way.

You want to sleep. So does your partner.

The ideal: You sleep together soundly together lying as spoons lie in the draw.

The obvious: You have bred a creature for the future. I suppose you can still spoon, with a kiddie in between. I think it is good for kiddies to be in bed with their parents when they are young. Bashing them off to cot sounds a bit unatural. I think the whole child rearing, well baby rearing thing needs to look back to the past.

What happens when two people sleep together: He or she snores/farts/groans/tosses/wriggles.

Realism: Get another room and sleep separately, or at least a separate bed.

It is great to cuddle up to the one you love, but you gotta be practical about it. Better to love and live with someone who has slept well. Much as I love R, I think I would hate him if we had to sleep together all the time and I am sure the same goes for him. The times we do usually means I get into his bed and invariably I wake alone as he has gone and gotten into mine.

My wind down before sleep is to read or listen to the radio or stare out the window at the winking buoys and the lights. If it is darkish when I am to wake, I don't close the blinds. His wind down is to close the venetian blinds, lower the roman blind and watch a bit of tv. I like my door shut, he likes his open.

It is ok when you are young but it really does surprise me when I hear of older people still sleeping together.

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