Saturday, August 19, 2006

Had a win

One has to treasure and make the most of a day off, especially when it falls on a weekend. From past experience, if I don't organize something in advance, or no ONE else has, not too much happens. I have been critisized by someone CLOSE for poor organizing of 'social events'. I refute the point. I do it in my way at my time frame at my speed. At least I do it. Left to OTHERS, nothing happens. If I don't do it, then 'I am not making an effort with friends'.

So given the weather forecast is good for Sunday and I have the day off, I just thought I would check when the Williamstown Sunday Market was on. Bonanza, correct Sunday, third in the month. So we shall go tomorrow.

I carefully suggested that perhaps we could catch the train. We have driven so many times to WillieTown. Once, and I posted it on my blog, I caught the train alone on a weekday to WillieTown, and it was very pleasant. Our close friends have to work tomorrow, but we will catch up with them for dinner.

So tomorrow, train to WillieTown for the Sunday Market and hopefully a nice lunch. Just the two of us. All change at Newport.......or somewhere, I have forgotten. If I run into Joan, I will say hi.

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  1. Change at Newport, unless you're on the Willy train, otherwise you'll be heading for Werribee.