Sunday, August 13, 2006

The footer

Bad that I did not go to the same sex rally in the city
Bad that channel seven did not cover it
Good that ABC tv did cover it well
Good tram system to take us to and from MCG
Good that our footy friend was already on tram and we sat with her
Bad that I bought a Hungry Jacks burger when R and T bought low fat Subway
Bad tasting burger
Bad that during four tram trips, I saw only five people validate their tickets
Bad that no one listened to me that we should take the number 70 tram to be close to MCG, gate 6
Good and interesting walk from Wellington Parade to gate 6
Good that there were plenty of pleasant and helpful staff at MCG
Bad that our e tickets had to be correctly folded so that they could be read by the bar code scanner
Bad that the scanners are so close to gates and e tickets have to be almost inserted on an angle
Good that the lift attendant was a bit of a laugh
Bad that we were not sitting in a corporate box
Good that we were in the AFL members area
Bad that people were just sitting anywhere and we had to move people out of our seats
Bad price of beer
Bad only light beer. I don't like the taste
Good only light beer. No one drunk
Bad price of water
Good that sister sms me before match and suggest we meet up
Bad that sister and brother were so far away to meet up with at half time
Bad that when we walked back on the outside, our passouts would not get us back in and had to backtrack to where sister was to get back in
Bad how much commercialism is now at MCG
Bad that we sat near people you kept yelling at players and umpires. They can't hear you, you know
Good that most did not. We were just unlucky
Bad that the noise was giving me headache
Bad that when a lift arrived it was full of drunken yobs in dinner suits. Obviously no alchohol restrictions in the posh areas
Good, very good to look around and check out the ground and the stands. Very very good and very well done
Good to see smart on screen stuff and close ups of play and incidents and goals
Bad that there were pregnant pauses by the umpire waiting for the signal from the television broadcaster that their ads had finished and it was ok to continue
Bad that Hawthorn took such a decisive lead early
Good that Carlton caught up quite a bit and it was nearly to the point where they were in with a chance
Bad that footballers were so far away, I could not really see them
Good that I made a list of HOT players beforehand, as it has amused people, even though it was irrelevant at the event
Good that there was a bit of biffo and a couple of brawls, sorry, melees
Bad that I had too many clothes and was too hot
Good later that I had plenty of clothes to put back on when I got cold
Good that winged wildlife arrived to watch the footy after half time
Bad that they were seagulls and doves and waiting for the match to finish before decending for a feast of left over food
Odd that they arrived so early and had to wait so long before the feast started. Why haven't they worked out that it finishes around five. Arriving after the second half siren sounds is plain silly on their part
Good to see a footballer lying on the ground seemingly unconcious
Good to see a footballer get and walk away, stretcher and golf cart type vehicle (Medibank sponsored) not needed

Good to see the truly marvellous MCG and experience the footy
Bad that I am too poor to be an MCG member

Good that I am encouraged now to see Telstra Dome
Bad that it has such a name

Bad that I feel so exhausted by the whole thing.
Good that I am going to normal paid work tomorrow, reality check


  1. BAD that your believe SubWay©'s hype that they are "low fat". I'm 100% sure they are "home made" too.

  2. Bad that you didn't take my place at the rally but good coverage on the ABC.

    Next year we go together, chained if necessary.