Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fessing Up and the bad Post

I am a failed person. I have a credit card debt. All you smug people who put stuff on your credit card and pay it off each month are now shaking your head in disgust. That was how it started for me, then the car needed money spending on it, etc, etc. I have had a zero balance a few times, but not at the moment.

I suppose I have had a credit card for around twenty years and I have never not paid the minium by the due date. My last statement arrived and it had an overdue fee on it of $35. What??????

I checked, and it was correct, I had not paid it. I had not paid it because the statement did not arrive. I rang the bank and after enduring a lecture about date to be paid and auto deduction from account, they waived the fee. So they should when they have done very nicely out of us over the years.

Then the inyanet bill arrived with a double amount on it. No extra fee. Just overdue amount and current amount.

What is going on? Well, missing mail obviously.

It is now imprinted that I need to pay the credit card by the 29th of each month, but what about the rest of the bills? I can't remember when they are all due.

Buggery Aust Post. Our postie is of an age where I would have thought he would need spectacles, but I have never see him wear them. Sometimes our mail has gone to the building next door or in the wrong box here.

One missing mail item I can cope with. Two in a month is wrong.


  1. When you get your balance lower, lower your limit. They'll keep sending you limit increases until you have trouble paying it off. That's when banks make the money.

    Some banks will also let you receive bills online, so you can dump your postie too.

  2. My limit has been increased many times, to I think around $20,000. The balance is is closer to the original amount of $500. Yes, must investigate online bills. I know Telstra can do it for some.

  3. Clearly you fail at life. Kindly stick your head in the oven.

    Apparently I owe a good $1500 to my bank, and that's just on the card :(

  4. I've just set up a direct debit payment for the credit card which doesn't matter because I'm never going to pay off what I owe on it.

    As for the postie, three times last week I had to re-post letters that came to my mother, none of them remotely like her address.

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  7. Andy, no doubt Costa del Tas has added to it. So do they charge the same as the big island?