Saturday, August 05, 2006

Damn Coles

Can you see why I have to return to the supermarket? I would use about one can of oven cleaner every two or three years. I certainly would not buy two at the same time.

Later Update: It just occured to me that I got a petrol discount coupon that I would not have gotten if I hadn't been double charged. That is, the bill was just over $30.


  1. Pfft, $3. Tightarse.

    Although, are you buying a Super Large box of Ansell johnnies?

  2. I have strong Scottish heritage.
    I was waiting for the Ansell comment, and no surprise where it came from. They were rubber gloves, although, that may even be worse.

  3. It seems like the person who served you was named Angel. She is probably just angst ridden from having a name like that. Charging people twice for over cleaner is the highlight of her day.

    Just guessing.

  4. Overcharged $2.98, but you got a voucher which might save you... what... $2.00 if you buy 50 litres?

  5. Jess, she did seem just a bit spaced out, part of this world, but only just.

    Daniel, yeah I don't fuss too much about discount dockets. We get have more than we need, and I often forget to use them. Another bonus though was that it was rounded up, so I received $3 back, a bonus of two cents. Gosh I am doing well.