Friday, August 11, 2006

Cookies drags

You would think that me, being so cynical, I would not be niave. But I am.

The Great Cake Bake Off is an annual gay event that I don't think I have missed. It is a fund raiser for some gay charity thingy.

Cake baking and decorating, community groups making an effort, along with personal entries.

Year one. I will come back to that one.

Year two or three. DTs Hotel in Richmond. I was filmed and shown on Channel 31. A couple of years ago, I was at the Exchange Hotel when a friend shrieked that I was on tv.

I can't remember the other venues.

Last year was at Zinc at Federation Square. It was ok, just ok. Lot's of gay peoples children there. How does this gay people's children thing work then?

This year it is at the Star Hotel in Collingwood, a venue well known for gay Asians and those who like them. That is where David from Big Brother won his award as Mr White Lotus.

We never go to gay places nowdays. Life has changed. But I think we might attend this one agian. It is quite an entertaining event.

Ah, back to year one, The Duke Hotel in St Kilda. A drag was walking around offering biscuits from a plate. The very niave Andrew thought that sweet biscuits did not go with beer. We declined. The person with said biscuits was a bit insistant, 'go on, have one'. If I had known what the secret ingredient was in the biscuits, I would have hoed in, or at least taken one in a polite manner.

How dumb am I.

Later Update: Too busy to go to Bake Off this year.

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