Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I have a vague idea that it used to be every four years, now it is five. Anyone confirm? US is only every ten years. Data is not reliable for very long.

We filled ours out on the 7th, as we knew we would be busy on the eve of the 8th. I ended up doing the electronic one. Not hard.

I think R ticked that we were de facto. I left it up to him.

Bloody religion everytime. My answer had changed. Because I was christened as a presbyterian, I used to think that it was the correct answer. Now, I just say none. So I suppose I won't get a presbyterian church built near me soon.

Why doesn't the form ask things that I want them, the government to know?

What is your credit card balance and how hard do you struggle to control it?
How many times each week do you eat out?
How many coffees do you buy out each week?
Where is your favourite venue to meet up with friends?
Do you consider your ABC meets your needs and should it be better funded?
How many times do you shag each week? Month? Year?
Which politician offends you the most. (Please keep the list short)
Is privatisation good for you and/or the country?

The list could be very long indeed.


  1. Maybe the second last question is better phrased "which politicians offend you the least"? It'd be much easier on bandwidth, storage etc at ABS.

  2. I don't think they'd be game to ask about credit cards and politicians. As for the shagging, I do vaguely remember what that is.

  3. - Healthy, Not very. We're not talking about crocodiles here.
    - 10
    - 30
    - Fitzroy commission flats (outside, of cause)
    - Yes, Yes
    - 0, 0, 1
    - In No particular order: Costello, Bracks, Ruddock, Howard, Batchelor, Vanstone, Coonan, Downer, State opposition.
    - No

    What do I win?

  4. I'm glad my post inspired this one. Yours is much better.

    As for your thoughts on what they should have asked us, I agree. There are lots of things they should have asked us.

    Like 'On a scale of one to ten, how much do you hate Centerlink?'

    'Which is better reading; The Age or The Herald Sun?'

    'Should Big Brother be axed?'

    and 'Do you think the census asks you stupid questions?'

  5. Quite so Living in Canberra. Actually I am not quite as cynical as I sound. There are many good and hard working politians.

    Jah Teh, please do not solicit on my site. Use your own.

    Bobby, your prize is dinner with them and point out the error of their ways, and to improve your shagging strike rate, Amanda will be in side room waiting for you, ready, panting, wanting, needing....

    Rosaanna, I trying to recall what CentreLink was called when I used their services, but I can't. But they were very easy to deal with back then. "I don't have a job. Give me money." "Ok Sir. Fill in the form please." And the money came.

  6. Amanda! Oh dear God. *vomits uncontrollably*

  7. What's soliciting? I used to know that one too but my memory's not what it was. Perhaps you could send a nice man around to my blog and explain it to me, even better would be a demonstration. I'm much better with visuals.

  8. Jah Teh, if I could find a 'nice' man, I would not be sharing him around. But if I did, don't forget your specs for the visuals.