Monday, August 14, 2006

Celeb Stud Major Michael Mori (mark)

Just to get the political stuff out of the way, Major Michael Mori is defending accused Aussie terrorsit David Hicks in a pretty dodgy US Army trial. David Hicks is an Australian citizen and should be judged in his own country. How can US hold one of our citizens captive? What crime has he committed? Why isn't the Oz government returning him to Oz to face charges or public judgement?

Major Michael Moi is not conventionally good looking. He is certainly not the type I would normally choose to have fun with, but, oh, is there something hot about him or not? For a start he can talk, and that wins me quickly. He is charming. He has a good sense of humour and fun. He talks honestly too it would seem. He looks very clean. He makes no apology for himself. He wasn't at the front of the queue in the looks department. But what he really has is such an old fashioned quality and term, sex appeal. Sadly I can't find any more revealing pictures.



  1. you worry me Andrew

  2. That's because I am not a superficial queen and I see deeper beauty.