Wednesday, August 23, 2006

CCTV- the good and the bad and the ugly me on cam

As previously mentioned our building has recently had an expensive security upgrade with many more cameras being added as well as new hardware and software. Apart from a few original cameras, it is pretty well all new. Already it has been useful in catching anti social types.

It would be an exageration to say they you can't move in the buidling without being filmed, but there are a lot of them, sixteen in total now. They only cameras near apartments are on the floors that lead to public facilities.

But it is not all beer and bowling pins.

Two weeks ago, I decided to have one of my 'marauds' around the building. Looking at things that may need attention. Checking the standard of cleaning and light bulb replacement. The trim of the podium garden. There was something that I wanted to mention to the building manager and I thought I might find him in his office on the first floor.

He was there but so were other people, so I walked past his office to the car park, looked around and then walked back into the building.

Then up to the podium to check things out. As I was leaving, I noticed the camera over the door pointing directly at me. Ohhhhh. I remembered, today was building staff's cctv training day. That is why there were so many in the office, including the body corp manager.

They had no doubt been watching me moving all around the building, perhaps wondering what I was doing. I tried to recall if a scratched any of my person or picked anything inappropriately. I smiled and waved at the camera as I entered the building and felt a little red in the face. These cameras take some getting used to.

How about the dills interfering with the secondary keyboard and controls at foyer desk? Yeah, they were on camera as they did it and were subsequently chastised.

Looks like I missed my chance to dump an old, unused by me, sewing machine in the rubbish room too.

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