Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bolting from the convent

Yes, highriser and his partner ran away from the convent today. Be assured we have not taken vows of chastity. We are still available for ring a root. We were only visitors to what was a convent.

I had never seen the Fairfield boat sheds and it has been many years since I drove along The Boulevarde. My 'tourist in your own city' quest continues.

Along the Punt Road and Hoddle Street to the Eastern Freeway to exit at the strangely named Chandler Hwy. It is not really my idea of a highway. Turn into The Boulevarde and after a couple of stops to look at things, we arrived at the boat sheds. It was a little cool but not too bad to have coffee outdoors.

We watched the white ducks swimming and preening and a 'family group' hire a boat. I note family group because it did not quite add up. Man in his thirties with Asian/Islander appearance, and four boys. Two with Asian appearance, one pure Anglo and one dark skinned boy.

The boys wanted to row of course. I was nearly crying with laughter as the boat just pivoted on the spot for about ten minutes. Occasionally it would crash into another of the moored boats and they would then unsuccessfully try to push off into middle of the river. The ducks, perhaps with a mind to assist, swam over. A prefect picture when I had forgotten the camera. Our fellow Kew type latte lappers were unamused.

We walked across Kane's Bridge, a suspension bridge to the other side and back. Interesting levelled playing field on the other side with very old bluestone retaining wall, almost a haha wall.

Back to The Boulevarde and onto a looping road just off Studley Park Road. But it was barricaded. I have no idea why. It used to be a nice one way drive around.

Next was the old Abbsottsford convent, now an arts precinct. We wandered for a bit but apart from the buildings, not much to see. There is a vego restaurant there and it was time for lunch.

I assume most people who work in vego restaurants are vegos themselves. They always seem a little spaced out. Of course some of best friends are vegos.............. R ordered a curry and I decided on pancakes. It is a place where you pay what you feel the meal and the service is worth. We sat outside in the weak sun and after a half hour wait with no food, we left. I am pleased that we did not donate in advance. I was thinking of somewhere between $15 and $20 for the two meals. So while we did not technically 'do a runner', we may as well have. The only difference was they could sell the serves a second time maybe.

While I accept the reasons and convenience of paying in advance in cafes, it really does take away your power if something is really wrong.

The traffic coming home in Hoddle Street was stop start. How much more pleasant it was last weekend when we went to Williamstown by train.

Later corrections. It is Yarra Boulevard not The Boulevarde. It was Studley Park Boathouse, not Fairfield Park Boathouse. I cannot confirm that the Abbottsford convent is known as an arts precinct.


  1. Hate to nitpick but it sounds like you actually went to the Studley Park Boathouse (Melway 2D E8 or 44 H4). The Fairfield Boathouse is located off Heidelberg Road (30 J12). Of course they are both more or less the same, but you need to be a bit of a mountain goat to get to the Fairfield Boathouse.

    The Studley Park/Yarra Bend (where you ended up after crossing Kane's Bridge) is an area with a particularly intertsing history. I would recomend you take a walk around there one day.

  2. Yeah, I realised my error later, but couldn't be bothered correcting it and of course hoped no one would notice! I'll fix it tomorrow and tomorrow has come and gone. I will really fix it tomorrow.