Thursday, August 17, 2006

Blogging on someone's blog

I must say, I was a bit flattered to be asked to be a guest poster on someone else's blog. This blogger, obviously sick of Melbourne's cold and windy weather, took off to Tasmania. He asked a few people to blog for him while he is away.

The style of the post was to be similar to the way he would write a post. Bit of head scratching for me there and a bit of re-reading. I cannot swear like he does. My fingers just wouldn't do it. I did later add a swear word. I did not want to polish it too much though. I didn't want to think about it too much. I just thought about something and bashed off the post.

Here is the post, and if you read other stuff on his blog, although I don't know him well, he not half as bad in real life as he may seem, or is he?

Feed the Birds for Tuppence


  1. I think you captured the essence of Andy's writing style.

    Never met the goat however I've have the privilege of catching the occasional 31 shuttle with him at the helm.

  2. I can swear like a drunken sailor on shore leave but I can't do it on the blog. Like you, my fingers won't type it. I feed the magpies in my backyard otherwise they'd hijack the cat.

  3. Love the reference to Mary Poppins!

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  5. Tuppence a pair Rosanna, so all the saints in the heavens say as they look down upon the scene.

  6. Hope you told him what an appalling driver he is Bobby.

    Jah Teh, when I am in transit before I reach hell, I hope to hear the sound of magpies.

  7. Hi Andrew,
    Have you noticed how the quality of Spatula blogs has improved since Andy went away?
    I say we keep him away for good.
    (Another Guest Blogger)

  8. I am inclined to agree Rebecca. Leave him sunning himself on the warm beaches of Tasmania. I suggest we just keep blogging on his blog until he locks us out.

    Andrew (who's building's pool stinks to high heaven of chlorine)