Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Blog Hurt

You know my age vaguely. I have been blogging for nearly two years now. Upon the second anniversary, I plan to drink an extremely large glass of whisky, and then write a post that will ensure I have no readers in the future. Well, maybe. Indulge me while I steal a bit of that forthcoming post.

I have been on the net since 1994. I know about the net and the disappointments it offers up. I am as guilty as anyone.

But what about a blogger who you actually, sort of, kinda know?

I am feeling really hurt by someone I don't really know. Silly isn't it.

Of course the fault lies with thou. In case you suffer a little paranoia, it is a male, so that narrows the field. Narrowing it further, he is young. Perhaps his communication skills have not fully developed.

Stupid ageing person that I am, imagining that there was some sort of connection. Of course he has to paint a good picture to those who know him. He would not want to be seen out with an ageing queen.

(Written end of July 06, polished, edited, deleted, rewritten, edited.)

Do I care? Nup. I just write this nonsense post and delete the matter from the brain. Don't kiddie teens do this? Shrug shoulders and say, 'whatever'. So I say, 'whatever'.


  1. Young usually equals no taste as well as no communication skills. Consider yourself hugged by this old bat.

  2. I'm young, male, and have poor communication skills. Did I say something to offend?

  3. Anonymous9:55 pm

    well I am a chickie-poo so I guess that rules me out.

    I think for your two year anniversary you should through a little party at some pub downtown and invite your readers, rather then drinking your whiskey alone. I'd come!!

    And whoever has wronged you..BOO! to them. (Yeah I know, doesn't solve all your problems, but I tried.)

  4. Gee, I did not expect all the niceness.

    Thanks for the hug Jah Teh. I reckon your hugs would be to die for.

    No Bobby, you are great. Keep on blogging.

    Thanks Jess, you are sweet. Actually meeting bloggers who I don't know is frightening idea for me. Although, should one be in a bar and a fellow blogger should be there at the same time, and after a couple of drinks........